About Stuyvesant Key Club – Division 11

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Stuyvesant Key Club is a large community service club that focuses on helping our community and our school. In accordance with our motto, “Caring - Our Way of Life”, our members dedicate themselves to improving New York City through our support of various causes, both small and large. We participate in a variety of events throughout all five boroughs, helping at major walks including Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and AIDS Walk, working to improve parks and gardens throughout the city, making food for the city’s homeless. We also organize a number of fundraisers that occur year-round, as well as advocate for causes that need to be addressed.

Through the experiences we gain with from voluteering, fundraising, and advocating, our members develop leadership skills that can later make a difference in the world. Not only do we build the best possible leaders, but we also build the best possible person.

Our club dues:

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Dues are used to pay for membership items such as booklets, cards and pins. Ultimately, the dues will go back to you, the members, since they go to paying for Key Club’s amazing events such as Fall Rally, and the district/international conferences!

Stuyvesant Key Club

Together, we are one proud and happy family :)