The Committees

Key Club Pencil

Art Jennifer Lu & Jennifer Min Kim

The Art Committee helps decorate the bulletin board often with updated Key Club events. In addition, the committee will work together on the picture-themed scrapbook that will be judged at the annual New York District Leadership Training Conference.

Fundraising Julia Qin & Panda Zhou

The Fundraising Committee works to organize and implement Stuy KC's own original events, a factor that distinguishes Key Club among the many volunteer opportunities in Stuyvesant. In this committee, you will learn valuable communication and administrative skills, while being able to exercise your creativity for the advancement of the club. We look forward to you joining our committee for the 2016-2017 service year.

Locksmith Tiffany Chen

The Locksmith Committee creates the Locksmith, Stuyvesant Key Club's official newsletter, four times a year. Key Clubbers can contribute to the Locksmith by writing articles about events they recently attended and submitting pictures of events.

New Projects Wavian Li & Bingyi Zeng

The New Projects Committee is dedicated to finding new and exciting events for our members to volunteer at. Whether the activities are within our community or on a larger scale, we compile them to involve and encourage members to engage themselves into every event.

Public Relations Henry Zheng

The Public Relations Committee helps spread the word about Key Club, through the use of posters and social media. It also assists in spreading the word about any upcoming fundraisers, such as the YUDA band fundraiser.

Web/Video Jason Lam

The Web/Video Committee helps work on the website along with the webmaster by providing ideas for improving the site. The committee will also be responsible for posting up members' points on the website, posting up pictures of events, and compiling a list of our recent and upcoming events.