The Committees

Key Club Pencil

Art Emily Xu & Jennifer Min Kim

The Art Committee decorates the bulletin board often with updated Key Club events.
We will also work together to create a picture-themed scrapbook encompassing all of the club’s values, accomplishments and goals, which will be judged at the annual New York District Leadership Training Conference.

Fundraising Vicky Zhu & Evan Zou

The Fundraising committee seeks those motivated individuals to execute fundraisers in an efficient manner
Allows Key Clubbers to interact and develop lasting memories.
You must be prepared to take on the responsibilities of developing, organizing, and conducting events at the sacrifice of your own time.
Joining this committee will provide the perfect opportunity to contribute to your community.

Locksmith Sammi Lin

The Locksmith is the official Stuyvesant Key Club publication that features the voices of our school and represents the magnanimous spirit of the group through depictions of how we participate in the city-wide effort to better our local communities.
Through articles and photographs taken by our club members themselves, we compile these memories into a lasting newsletter that perfectly summarizes the collaborative efforts of everybody in Key Club at every level.
By being a part of the Locksmith committee, you have a chance to not only have your voice featured, but also contribute a helping hand in creating and improving the Locksmith with each and every issue.

New Projects Jessica Kim & Ann Zeng

New Projects is the team behind all of the New Event emails!
We find a variety of interesting events for our volunteers to choose from and contact organizations to arrange them!
You get to choose which events our Key Clubbers participate in (maybe adding an event you’ve always been interested in doing
Learn essential outreach skills along the way!

Public Relations Sophie Cui & Anne Chen

We handle the public image of Stuyvesant Key Club and uphold its reputation inside the Stuyvesant community and outside.
In order to promote our slogan "Caring - Our Way of Life" which encapsulates the core values of Key Club, we are always seeking for innovative ways to reach out and recruit new members such as through usage of eye-catching posters, video updates, and social media.
We also assist in spreading the word regarding upcoming fundraisers. Along with the other committees, we work together to help Key Club grow.

Web/Video Tiffany Zhong

The Web/Video Committee contributes new ideas to improve the website and is responsible for updating the website with new photos and events.
They work along with the Webmaster and provide new ideas on how to improve it.
The committee is in charge of compiling video clips for Stuyvesant Key Club.